Life Insurance Testimonials

Ed works to understand your specific life insurance needs. Once he understands your situation, he will work hard to find the right policy at the right price for you. Contact him directly for a free consultation and life insurance quote. Review Hinerman Group’s life insurance testimonials and see what I clients have been saying about us.

“I had been declined so many times that I had frankly given up trying to get life insurance. I felt like all insurance companies had a common toilet they were throwing type 1 diabetic applications into. A friend told me about Hinerman Group and Ed was able, on the first try, to get me approved and approved and reasonable rates. He’s different. He knows what he’s doing and he does it well.”

Patrick D in Mineola, New York

“I don’t need to tell anyone just how hard, and frankly humiliating, it is to try to get life insurance as a type 1 diabetic. I could tell that Mr Hinerman was different from the beginning because he knew about type 1 diabetes. He understood enough to ask the right questions and was able to find a company that would give me $2,000,000 worth of life insurance at reasonable rates.”

Mary A in Alexandria, Virginia

“I would gladly recommend Ed Hinerman to businessmen anywhere. When my New York Life agent told me that my 80 year old business partner couldn’t get life insurance, Ed not only got it for us, but at preferred rates. It was key to our buy/sell agreement and when he passed away last year I was able to buy his share of the company from his family with the life insurance proceeds. Thanks for going the extra mile.”

B McBryde in Columbus, Missouri

“Ed, I just have to tell it like it is. We wouldn’t have life insurance on my husband if we hadn’t found you. So many agents and companies just blew him off or declined him because of his heart attack that we almost gave up. Thanks to you our business and my future are now secure if something happens.”

K Graham in Sedona, Arizona

“Thank you for your superior client service.  You really made the extra ?effort to find us the best quote despite my difficult circumstances.  I ?would be happy to provide a reference or referral regarding your ?professionalism and customer focus.”

Don K in Arlington Heights, Illinois

“I thought that most people with bipolar disorder were uninsurable regardless of any other factors.  Fortunately, I came across Ed Hinerman’s website and contacted him.  Ed was very knowledgeable and clearly very experienced in this area.  He patiently explained that I actually had options and helped me get an excellent policy into place.  Ed was very professional throughout the entire process and both my wife and I have been thoroughly impressed with him.  He really helped our family and I would recommend Ed with great confidence.”

Daniel in New York

“Thank you so much for the effort you put into securing my husband’s life insurance policy. As a person diagnosed with bi-polar type II, he was treated as nearly impossible to insure by our old insurance agent. Yet, he is fully functioning with this disease and has a flourishing career. You were able to hear our frustrations about the stigma attached to the bi-polar label–that all bi-polar patients are depressive or suicidal– and teach the insurance company’s underwriter the difference between a functioning bi-polar II adult and a person whose disease is far more of a liability to an insurance company. Thank you for the effort you put into securing my husband’s policy; with your help, we ended up with a policy that costs the same as a healthy, non-smoking, non-bi-polar adult. Moreover, your service as our agent was impeccable. You followed up every step of the way. We can’t wait to tell others–with or without illness– about your service.”

Branden, Dallas, TX

“I would like to say “Thanks Ed.” After being denied 4 times for term life because I had a melanoma over 10 years ago, Ed was able to secure a million dollar term policy for me. He succeeded where others have failed. I would highly recommend Ed for your insurance needs.”

Melanie in Maine

“After getting married, my husband and I started giving new thought to our life insurance needs. I had coverage but he did not. Involved in our new lives, buing a new home and all the demands on healthy, active people, we were slow to act. After the birth of our first child, however, we took action. We anticipated that the fact that my husband had just turned 40 would generate higher costs. On the other hand, we are and have been financially stable, well-employed and educated, and don’t live the lives of adrenalin junkies by any stretch of the imagination.

So, it was a terrible surprise, when we were denied life insurance for my husband over and over again because he had been diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder. He was well and reliably medicated, a loving husband and partner who lived very responsibly.

Needless to say, this created tremendous stress for this new father who wanted to be absolutely certain, as do most new parents, that his family would be well provisioned should he die.

I found Ed Hinerman online and started corresponding with him about our situation. He took a great deal of time and care to find us a life insurance package that worked for us. My husband is now insured and we are both extremely grateful to Mr. Hinerman. His focus on what I believe to be an underserved population relieved us of a huge burden and allowed us to feel the peace of mind that so many Americans take for granted. Thank you.”