Life Insurance Services


The past five years have seen Hinerman Group make a huge commitment to seeking out those who have been declined for life insurance due to an impaired risk, or have had to pay a much higher rate due to health, lifestyle or mental impairments. Our success in reaching and helping the unserved and under served has been phenomenal. From private pilots and sky divers, to those with diabetes and heart disease and those suffering depression or bipolar disorder, we’ve come through. Let us help you find an impaired risk life insurance policy that makes sense.


Life insurance is not a “one size fits all” kind of product and we offer professional needs analysis to narrow down your search to exactly what you need. Being uninsured or under insured are things we can help you avoid. Making sure your choice doesn’t strain your budget is equally important.

Making sure that the end life insurance product meets your needs now and in the future is our goal and commitment.


If you’re young, say 18-35, and don’t want to listen to an insurance agent and don’t want to take an exam and want it now, you can have affordable life insurance in force in 15 minutes and print the policy out on your own printer. The cost is a little higher, but if you’re young, not that much higher.


Whether it is as simple as insurance to cover a business loan upon your death, or as complicated as a multi tiered stock redemption plan, we have the experience and resources to make the proper recommendations. Buy/sell plans and key man insurance can be integral parts of protecting a business.


Whether it is term insurance, universal life and whole life policies, there is a very real need for ongoing evaluation and analysis. Most policy owners can recite almost verbatim what the policy was supposed to accomplish when they originally bought it. What they don’t understand is that changes occur and what they thought they might have understood can change. Most owners don’t evaluate the annual in force illustration they receive to make sure the policy is on track. Let us help you understand your current coverage.


With estate tax laws “up in the air” to say the least, we keep up to date on how best to service your estate preservation needs. We also have access to estate planning departments in some of the largest life insurance companies in the country, such as Mass Mutual, to make sure we have all of your needs covered. Let our team help you make sense of a very complicated and very critical wealth management tool. With the changes that have occurred in 2010 and the potential changes in 2011, many estates will be grossly under insured.


We are prepared to quote whatever product makes the most sense for you, including traditional or impaired risk life insurance, or other insurance products. If you’re not sure if now is the best time to change or renew your product, let us project the cost of waiting for you. If you knew that the cost of waiting a few years was very minimal, it may make good sense to hang on to what you have. If you knew that waiting a few years would mean paying hundreds of dollars more per year, it might be a good idea to move ahead now.


The chances that a man will die between the ages 25 and 64 is 1 in 6. That is why you buy life insurance. The chances of becoming disabled and unable to work is 1 in 3. Whether it is personal disability or business overhead expense coverage for your company, disability income insurance is a tool worth considering. Hinerman Group represents the best companies and products to make sure your family and your business survive the unexpected.


This is fast becoming a foreign concept in any business and life insurance is no exception. Hinerman Group is committed to staying in touch with its clients for the life of their policy. We call every client every year without a sales agenda. We just want to know if there is anything we can do for you. If we find new underwriting that could lower your cost of insurance, we contact you. If a new product comes available that puts you in a stronger position, we let you know. If you need a form you don’t need to go to the company home office. We are your customer service. If there is a claim we will handle it for you, understanding that there is no other time when you could use a friendly helping hand more.

If you need assistance finding an impaired risk life insurance provider or have questions concerning other life insurance products, call the Hinerman Group today to the help you need at (866) 539.7914.