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4 responses to “Is The Infinite Banking Guru Slightly Out Of Date?”

  1. Jim S.

    I wonder if other countries have similar MEC rules in their tax codes. If not, then it’s probably a good alternative for foreigners.

  2. Nate

    I like the idea of gurantees that whole life policies offer especially when you add the pua riders but recently I have become intriged with the universal life policy.(not an indexed UL as it seems the company controls to many “levers” that can be changed once the policy is in place) So why is it that a traditional UL is not a good option when it comes to infinate banking? I have my own ideas and I still lean towards a whole life policy but our UL is currently paying 5.25%. Any of your opinions on the subject as a UL policy relates to the infinate banking concept would be appreciated.