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9 responses to “Zander Insurance Charging Dave Ramsey Stupid Tax To Smokers!”

  1. Michael @ The Life Insurance Insider

    Can you think of any reason why they wouldn’t offer Liberty’s product? Poor service, low commissions, underwriting based on credit, low ratings? Do you think you have the full story or are you waiting for Zander to chime in again?

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  3. jeff zander

    Just curious if you were going to post my response to your comments. i also ran some rates and had some of our carriers just as competitive as Liberty. Their niche does appear to be the healthy smoker and thats it but i would certainly consider taking them on if they work with national providers. Many of the companies you mentioned in the past ,as I spoke about in our previous dialogue ,would not license agents that did not meet directly with the client. Each company has their own distribution guidelines …as you know.

  4. jeff zander

    I may owe you an apology since I saw my message post right away for this comment above. I did respond to your previous blog comments from last week regarding our tobacco use page and the error on US Financial (which has been corrected) but did ot see them post for three days. It may have been my error when I hit submit and I will try and pull the comments from my laptop and see if I can resend. I do think the rationale of your commentary that since we may not have the lowest rate on the older tobacco user you compared that somehow this means that all our rates are high and Dave’s judgement is somehow flawed ,is a very narrow and one sided interpretation. I also ran some rates and for a 35 yr old preferred smoker for $500,000 on a 20 year plan Liberty is $935 and Lincoln (our carrier) is $975. For a 40 yr old Liberty was $1435 while Lincoln was $1430. In the end these two comparisons don’t prove much of anything other than there are so many variables involved that staking your claim on one rate comparison to symbolize the efforts of our entire comapny, not to mention the credibility of dave Ramsey’s endorsement is not fair or realistic. The rates we ran are far more in line with the demographics of Dave’s listeners which is who we serve exclusively. And this does not take into account any of the other rate classes and carriers we have available. Cetainly not the huge discrepancy that you seem to imply about our overall operation. As a national provider we maintain the broadest array of companies and your assessment otherwise is flat out wrong. As a founding member of LIDMA (Life Insurance Direct Marketers Assoc). I am very aware of who the “big boys” use and they do not access the same amount of companies that we do which provide special nches for health related issues, pilots, ht/wt and alternate tobacco use. That doesn’t mean that if there is a good value for our clients out there we would not consider it as my actions have illustrated in the past. I hope you can view these comments and the one’s I will try again to post in their entirety. Obviously we have gotten on your bad side but we are proud of the products we offer and know that they are beneficial for all of our clients.

  5. jeff zander

    I have learned over the years that there are even learning experiences in life when they initially present themselves as incorrect or false assumptions by others. Assuming to have known my experiences and to question my motives and intentions because of what you think you know about me and my company is a judgement that is based in your ego and does not perpetuate the practices that you have spoken of in the past. I have tried to look past that and take the basic information regarding companies to heart, now and in the past. And as I said that if there was a benefit to our clients and i could access the program i would certainly make an effort. Because of your initial comments about Liberty Life and how competitive they were on older cigarette smokers I re-contacted a new company representative who was much more enthused by our approach and scope of work and we are now able to offer them to our clients. That I do thank you for and I hope it illustrates our desire to be a professional and honest provider of services to our clients without regard to the other judgements you desire to impose.