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3 responses to “Why I Still Don’t Trust Indexed Universal Life!”

  1. Aftershock

    Ed, I have a question for you. My wife and I bought a Equity Indexed Univeral Life Insurance Policy on my mother with a No Lapse Guaranteed Rider attached. This policy was purchase from Amerus Life in 2003, now Aviva Life and Annuity. My question is, on the illustration guaranteed side only, it shows that the policy is level on both premium and death benefit to age 100. After age 100 it shows lapse in coverage. Guaranteed cash value, it shows zero’s from year one to age 100.

    Looking only at the guaranteed, do you think this policy will stay in force to age 100 if we continued faithfully making the monthly payments to the company? The reason I ask that is because every year when we get the annual statement for the policy, the cost of insurance is continuously increasing. You can email me direct at the email listed. Thanks Ed. Your blogs are intentionally beneficial to the consumers. Thank you very much.

  2. Jim S

    All of the Indexed ULs I have reviewed on company websites are based on the performance of the S&P500.
    The S&P500 has done about 7% in the long run, but in the past 10 years not so well. What kills this is even the most competitive mutual funds get 0.35% per year, and the insurer gets a piece as well. I would rather get the cheapest no-lapse UL and invest the difference outside of a policy for my cash value.