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Every year millions are needlessly declined for life insurance or approved and paying far more than they need to. For 14 years, I have specialized in turning those situations around and finding the right life insurance solution at affordable rates. I give every client the personal attention they deserve.

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2 responses to “The Cost Of Waiting!”

  1. Jennifer Kelly

    Wow that is some great advice. Some better advice would be to find a company that has guaranteed insurability at the end of their term. Where if they were to become uninsurable or at the least rated at the end of their term, that would not affect their premium. Now that’s a revolutionary concept. I put young people in policies all the time on a ten year term because they can’t afford the proper length of time currently. We have a plan to readdress their coverage in a couple of years to add length of term at a price they can afford, but NEVER do they sacrifice amount of coverage because of price. We also implement an investment strategy so that they begin to build up their net worth. Of course you’d need to be investment licensed to do something that monumental for your client. We never have to sacrifice or over charge, reduce their coverage or sell them a permanent policy to hope they begin to save for their future. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Get the coverage you need at the price you can afford.