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  1. Viki

    Good Afternoon,

    I read a post on your website which is similiar to a issue I am having.
    My mother took out a life insurance policy on AAA Life which became effective 07/07/11. My mother had type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure which were reported on the application. She passed away on 12/29/12 of Acute Pulmonary Embolism. Her AAA Life Insurance of course is contesting the policy since she died within the 2 year time frame, however, they did the health assessment, physical and receive medical records on her prior to determining her premium and also approved her policy. I have completed the required forms and have provided all requested information to AAA. At this time it has been over 6 months and they are still investigating the claim. The medical records were reviewed and sent to underwriting where it remained for a month before being referred back to the company’s examiner who was assigned to the claim in order request more medical records. To date they have requested the same medical records from the hospital on 3 different occasions (per the medical record staff). While I am pursuing my mother’s life insurance benefit, I want to know how long can these investigations take? We have funeral expenses and other bills from my mother’s illness that we have to pay and too much time has passed while we are going through this process. Also I did look into attorney and they want 33 1/3% of what they recover. I cannot afford to pay this out to them. I filed a complaint with the Florida Insurance Commission. To date AAA Life has not been cooperating with them as to why this process has taken so long. Is there a better solution?