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5 responses to “So What’s the Big Deal with Atrial Fib?”

  1. Del

    Wow, what a negative spin on heart patients. The news that one has a heart issue is absolutely terrifying, and many of us spend years being told it’s all in our heads, we’re having panic attacks, etc. only to find out we’re not crazy when we pass out and crash our cars, or have some other big symptom beyond just feeling the arrhythmia that docs can rarely ever hear with a stethoscope. We then spend months on the internet, reading books, asking specialist after specialist, and often getting better information from our nurses than from our cardiologists or electrophysiologists. After seeing 3 cardiologists I said “I want to wear a holter monitor” (a term I found on the internet) and that monitor is what brought about my AVNRT diagnosis. Most of us eventually learn to say to cardiologists, “I don’t understand what you just said. Can you rephrase it in layman’s terms?” when we finally do get a diagnosis and are seeking treatment and advice. So, the road to being well informed about your condition is not an easy one; it’s a freaking battle. Perhaps, rather than being disinterested boobs, as you imply, your poor customers are simply just midway in the hellish journey that is getting a diagnosis of arrhythmia, and then treatment. Believe me, when folks are told there is something wrong with the heart, they are plenty interested. Short of cancer, it’s about the scariest thing one can hear.

  2. James

    I agree with 100% with Del’s comments. I’ve been saying for years that something was wrong but no one took me seriously as I didn’t smoke, didn’t have a history (I’m adopted) and I’m relatively young (30’s). It was intermittent and the couple times I had an EKG it showed fine. So out of frustration I gave up seeking help for a few years and just ‘dealt with it’ until I finally went for a physical this year where the doctor managed to hear it. Went for another EKG and they were able to record it. Had an ultrasound done and apparently 3 of my 4 chambers have issues. On top of that it’s now gone from occuring occasionally to me being in a constant state of defib. So now suddenly they’re wanting to push all kinds of medicine on me because suddenly it’s a crisis. But no, by all means blame the stupid person suffering for years as being ignorant.

  3. Michael Kudla

    What kind of rate for life insurance is fair when you have A-Fib? My wife inquired today where she is employed part-time. In order to get me life insurance she has to add voluntary life insurance for herself as well. They already pay hers and she would get–(double what she earns) and she already has a previous policy until the age of 85. So, I am interested in knowing what it would cost say for $50,000? for just myself. I am 68.

    Thank You,