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3 responses to “How Good Are AARP’s Life Insurance Rates?”

  1. Gail Roberts

    I have an AARP life ins policy an after reading a
    number of complaints against AARP/NY Life I have
    decided that I’m going to cancel the policy an go with a reputable insurance company.

    I just purchased health insurance after a move to
    Maryland an was advised by agent that AARP is
    presently under investigation by the IRS which is interesting. I’m so upset by the number of life
    insurance policy claims they deny an get away with.

  2. Lindalee

    I have a question. My husband has been insured through AARP for 7 years. He was a member when he started with the AARP life Insurance policy but there was one year when our AARP membership lapsed – we still received bills for premiums and paid with no lapse there….do you know if this would be a problem?

    with payment if he were to pass?