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8 responses to “Bad Advice From Dave Ramsey?”

  1. Jeffrey Zander

    I was forwarded a copy of your recent blog comments and thought it was appropriate for me to respond since you seemed to challenge both our business ethics as well as Dave Ramsey’s motives for recommending our company. The premise of your comments that we selectively manipulate the results of rate comparisons to make the first carrier appear more competitive than all others is erroneous and could not be more incorrect. In the “one” comparison you illustrated we did show the most competitive option available from the companies we represent. The other carriers you noted we either do not represent or have chosen not to use them due to service or underwriting issues. Some of the companies you listed primarily deal only with their direct agents, not brokers, and require the agents to represent them for property and casualty lines (home and auto) which we do not. Others we have used in the past but chose not to use them currently because their service has dropped below a level we feel is appropriate for our clients…issues such as underwriting consistency and/or flexibility, policy issuance time, etc. In addition, you ran one set of quotes on just a 10 year plan. Dave recommends 15 and 20 year plans and endorses our agency because not only do we search for the most competitive rates but that we have been in business for four generations and excel at not only representing our clients interests but we will be here in 20 years while most agents are out of the business in an avg. of four. There are a great number of reasons that Dave recommends us, price being one element, and in your limited analysis we still seemed to find the best rate for the client.

  2. Jeffrey Zander

    Well I guess this may grow into a he said she said debate. My comment about the 15 or 20 year plan had nothing to do with recommending the wrong product to the client. It had to do with the limited nature of your research in the comparison before you passed judgement and posted your opinions online for all to see. The comapnies we represent and focus on are strongest in the 15 and 20 year plans but as you noted we still offered the lowest rate on the 10 year. The interesting thing about blogging is that it gives a voice to all, even if they don’t do all their homework before making their comments. Additionally, we have found that price is a very important element in our clients decision making process but the service issues that lead to frustrations and complaints are things that also guide our decisions. Our clients are greatly affected by carriers that quote one low rate but have a very low placement percentage at that underwriting category. Our clients are greaty affected by companies that take an extended period of time to issue policies when they have expirations of current policies or the company has lowered their rates but not staffed for the responding activity in new business. It is sometimes easier for a smaller shop to represent an insurance carrier than a large national organization such as ours because of the company’s marketing focus and desire to only deal with a certain type of agent force. You are quite aware of this since as you have mentioned you are not a rookie in the business but in the end that still had nothing to do with the price or quality of plan our client would have ended up with. We all deal with different business and marketing situations but implying that Dave is giving bad advice because our second place company was not as good as yours is a bit confusing and is an argument that lacks merit.

  3. Jeffrey Zander

    I did a little more research by visiting your website and doing a more thorough group of comparisons with ours inclusive of multiple age groups and various policy values. The example you used was a male age 59/ age 60 nearest and the companies we represent were illustrated correctly on your blog comments. However, I am still dumbfounded on how you would come to the subversive conclusion that “Zander wants to have a larger gap between the first and second best quotes than actually exists” simply by viewing one quote. If you bothered to run other quotes you would see a consistency in the carriers we represent and offer to our clients and we have no control over the placement of companies when a rate is run. Our company simply represents different companies than yours. If you wanted to conclude that you had better options…that would be your opinion but since we still offered the most competitive option in your singular analysis it would not have “merit”. However, to draw conclusions that we manipulate quotes for our benefit and to our clients detriment is improper and offensive. In addition, one of the reasons that Dave recommends our firm beyond the price issues of our companies is the committment we have to his principles and the assurance he knows that we do not offer products that fall outside of his recommendations. A lot more damage is done to a listener who is sold an inappropriate plan. I noticed that you professed to be a graduate of FPU and in agreement with Dave’s principles. However, I noticed that you offer return of premium products (ROP)on your website which Dave has commented repeatedly that they are as bad as cash value plans and a rip off to his listeners. Should I assume that you would sell these products regardless of Dave’s advise because they offer a higher premium and in return higher commissions which you strictly benefit from? Some could come to that conclusion but I know there are various reasons and situations that impact businesses and before I posted an opinion of a company or person I would do more research. We all have business issues to deal with but our company has earned Dave’s recommendation and endorsement because of multiple committments to his listeners including price, service, types of products offered and a way of doing business that he feels benefits his listeners. We are proud of our business, the clients we serve and the professionalism of our employees…as I am sure you are of yours.

  4. Brian

    The fact that Zander doesn’t have and cash value policies on his books shows that he gives no regard to client needs