About Us

The Hinerman Group is everything the “Big Boys” in the life insurance business forgot to be.

We aren’t so busy that we don’t listen to your situation or answer your questions. Selling you insurance on the first call is not our goal. Selling you on our service is. We know high pressure sales is the number one reason people do not buy life insurance. Therefore we proceed at your pace, not ours.

Ed Hinerman

Ed Hinerman

We fully believe that the quote you get from us will be the answer we get back after underwriting. The biggest internet life insurance agencies in the industry can’t get you a better approval than we can.

We are all about customer service. We provide service before the sale, making sure everything you need is available for you to make an informed decision. We know that you may have questions about how much to buy, what type of life insurance to purchase and how to make it fit into your budget. We concentrate on doing this in a timely manner. Let’s face it, wasting time waiting is the most frustrating part of a day that is too short as it is.

Unlike many other life insurance providers, we work hard for people with impaired risk or high risk life styles.  If you have ever been declined insurance in the past, you’ll want to speak with us.

During the process, we keep you informed about what’s going on, while also fighting for the best possible approval rating. Once your policy is approved we make sure you know all of the options so we can present exactly the policy you want.

After the sale we stay in touch, answering questions, offering advice and generally being your professional life insurance advisor. That role for us is like a well-known pink rabbit; we just keep going and going and going.

We know what it takes to be a SelectQuote®, ReliaQuote® or IntelliQuote, but we have chosen service over mass production. We have chosen relationships with our customers over their statistics. We have chosen to be the champions for the un-served and under served in the world of life insurance. We have made a decision that your needs and that of your family is our business.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve you, earn your trust and then your business.

6 responses to “About Us”

  1. Scott

    Unfortunately, your claim that “control, control, control” is what insurance underwriters and actuaries are looking for is completely unsubstantiated in business practice.

    In my experience, not one major insurer EVER asks for historical glycosated hemoglobin reports (which is the most frequently used measure of “control”), suggesting that they do not even factor control into the equation. For example, can you explain why a 20 year-old male, non-smoker with immune-mediated (type 1) diabetes might otherwise be denied a life insurance policy at 6 major carriers? Ironically, the afforementioned individual had by most measures, ideal control, with an A1c of 5.2. The fact is that for all the supposed sophistication of insurance underwriting, for the most part, the industry prefers to redline all patients with diabetes by refusing to cover them at all.

  2. hinerman

    The experience that Scott describes, while not uncommon, is simply not accurate. While agents for major companies may not know to ask the question, I assure you that not one of the 40+ companies I represent will quote or underwrite without knowing what a person’s most recent A1C is.

    It is a common mistake to confuse the knowledge of the agent with the requirements of the company. The truth is that very few agents ask health questions at all because they simply don’t know what the information means or how to use it.

    As to the 20 year old with an A1C of 5.2, unless there are collateral issues that haven’t been brought up, he should be completely insurable through several companies at very good rates.

    While Scott’s comments are indicative of the experience of a lot of diabetics, both type 1 and type 2, the problem is not an industry problem. The problem is simply one of looking in the wrong places. An independent life insurance agent, educated in how to underwrite “impaired risk”, which includes diabetes, should be able to get any well controlled diabetic insurance at reasonable and competitive rates. I have somewhere over 100 diabetic clients who know this to be true.

  3. nikolnoll


    As an independent agent with over 7 years experience and 1100 policies placed I know from experience that diabetics are insurable. I have placed close to 100 policies in force for diabetics. The underwriters absolutely look at a1c. If the a1c is less than 7 some diabetics may even qualify for standard rates. The main concern is control and no complications. It is important to note that underwriters do not like a combination of diabetes and heart disease. In this scenario, the proposed insured is likely to be declined.

  4. Scott

    Thanks for the update, your comments may indeed be helpful for people who have assumed they are uninsurable due to their condition based on being denied for no other reason than having diabetes. Unfortunately, policy buyers are often not aware of how to submit relevant data such as glycosated hemoglobin values, and unfortunately, many insurance agents and brokers fail to tell them that it may improve their liklihood of being covered. While its not quite redlining, it is also not exactly the ideal way to sell risk-based policies, either.

  5. hinerman

    I would highly encourage anyone with diabetes to visit Scott’s site. I found the articles to be very well written, informative and indepth on everything from the medicine to the politics of diabetes.
    Just click on his name to get there.

    I hope in future articles he will endeavor to educate his readers on the good news about diabetes and life insurance. I beleive he and I are on the same page. His message is control is the way to a long and healthy life. My message is control is the key to good life insurance rates.

  6. Karen Whitfield-Monday

    My husband John loved to fly. His entire childhood he dreampt of the day when he could learn to fly, and own his own plane. In December of 2005 he was closer to that dream, when he purchased a Bonanza Beechcraft single engine airplane. He was a year ahead of his scheduled deadline of flying before he reached 50! His dream was real, and it was like Christmas to him.

    His excitement hit an alltime high when he finally took ownership of the plane in February and planned his first “cross country flight” with his flight instructor. He had to reschedule that flight 6 times, due to rain and schedule conflicts, and finally was able to go on my son’s birthday, almost 4 months later.

    It was his first and last cross country flight. Coming home from Reno, on takeoff the plane lost its engine and plunged tragically into a house in Reno and in a blaze of fire destroyed the house. The flight instructor and John were instantly killed.

    Life Insurance? Thank God John had done that. He and Ed had established a policy to cover in the event he had an accident, even tho it was NEVER going to happen! I will forever be grateful for that.

    Ed made the process move along and championed my cause from the first phone call after the accident. He was diligent, focused and made things happen – all at a time when I wasn’t any of those things.

    No, the money doesn’t bring my husband back, but the boys and I have been able to be free from the tremendous financial pressures we would otherwise, no doubt would have faced, and at a time we were least equipped to face those challenges.

    John was only 49. I have had five friends lose their husbands before they reached 52. Strange things happen. To me, Life insurance is not optional, it is a real necessity.

    Karen Monday